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Chef Sabry was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. At a young age, he began pursuing his dream of cooking by working at Zephyrion Seafood in Alexandria learning from Egyptian, Greek, and Italian chefs.

Chef Sabry came to the United States in 1985, and shortly after he started pursuing his passion for cooking, and has been known in the Egyptian community for specializing in seafood ever since. When you visit us, please say hello to Chef Sabry.


When Greek meet Egyptian seafood

When Greek meet Egyptian seafood We had a really lovely meal here the other night… On a hunt for some good Greek seafood, we ended up at this Egyptian restaurant, very close to Ali’s.   The place is bare bones, there is a small display filled with fish on ice, some cheap decor and cheap…

The Pharaohs of Fish

 The Pharaohs of Fish by Lynne Marie There’s a small, yet well known seafood oasis that has been getting much praise lately called Sabry’s. This slice of the Nile on Steinway Street is filled with the warmth of the desert sun along with overwhelming confidence and pride. No plain janes please! This food is robust….

5 Best Egyptian Restaurants In NYC

5 Best Egyptian Restaurants In NYC The best Egyptian restaurants offer what all great restaurants offer: an interesting atmosphere, a comfortable dining area, and, most importantly, delicious food. Our five favorites check all those boxes, and deliver a magnificent experience every time. By Jessica Allen. (credit: Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY) Sabry’s specializes in seafood (say that three times…

Little Egypt seafood

Little Egypt seafood We’ve wanted to hit Sabry’s for over a year. On Steinway, just below Astoria Blvd (right across the street from the Mosque) is an orange restaurant with a big case of fish on ice in the center of the room. Hardly the best use of space, but the hardcore can go in…

Astoria Seafood

Astoria Seafood Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, in Astoria there is the seafood gem called Sabry’s Seafood. Appetizers include crispy or grilled calamari, steamed clams, and shrimp cocktails. Pasta dishes include linguini mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, or Fruit De Marie which has all four. Entrees to choose from include king crab…

A Fish Shack on the Nile

A FISH SHACK ON THE NILE THERE is a Big Mouth Billy Bass resting silently on the mantle of the faux fireplace at Sabry’s. And so long as it doesn’t start singing during your meal, why not? Sabry’s is a seafood restaurant, and even if it’s Egyptian, it’s entitled to some sea-theme hoke. But the…