Little Egypt seafood

We’ve wanted to hit Sabry’s for over a year. On Steinway, just below Astoria Blvd (right across the street from the Mosque) is an orange restaurant with a big case of fish on ice in the center of the room. Hardly the best use of space, but the hardcore can go in there and select the fish they want to have it grilled or broiled or fried or what-have-you in an Egyptian style. Ann & I went with the Tagines that were pretty frickin’ terrific, as was the shrimp bisque and baba ganouj. Fluffy, buttery pita bread came straight from the oven, the waitstaff was nice, the tea came with fresh mint and cloves and the music was awesome Arab-pop that almost led me to get up and dance. I would recommend not going here when it is crowded – I get the vibe they get easily disorganized; but when mostly empty it is a good bet.